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Commercial Dishmachines

Commercial dishwashers from Ecolab allow you to focus on your guests, with the security of knowing your kitchen is properly managed. Contact us to learn about our dishwasher rental program which includes:

  • A Fixed Monthly Cost
  • 24/7 Service
  • All Parts and Labor

Featured Dishmachine

EHT Dishmachine
EHT Dishmachine

Labor wages are on the rise and energy and utility costs are increasing. EHT, the innovative and new single-rack high-temperature commercial dishwasher from Ecolab, helps reduce labor and energy costs while reducing water usage. Combined with our SMARTPOWER™ Program, the EHT ensures a clean rack of ware the first time out of the machine which reduces the need for hand polishing and re-running a rack.

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Explore our Commercial Dishwasher Offerings

Model NT 210

Indication: Small restaurants and snack bars, allocated in small spaces.

  • Drawers/hour: 45
  • Dishes/hour: 810 units
  • Liters of water/cycle: 2,7

Dimension: 600 x 620 x 845mm

Model NT 300

Indication: Suitable for restaurants and snack bars.

  • Drawers/hour: 60
  • Dishes/hour: 1080 units
  • Liters of water/cycle: 2,9

Dimension: 620 x 680 x 1400mm

Model NT 810

Indication: Suitable for high turnover restaurants, including 6 drawers at the customer's choice.

  • Drawers/hour: 150
  • Dishes/hour: 2700 units
  • Liters of water/cycle: 2,9

Dimension: 620 x 680 x 1400mm

NT 810 MOP

Indication: High turnover restaurants, with washing camera and included 6 drawers at the customer's choice.

  • Drawers/hour: 180
  • Dishes/hour: 3240 units
  • Liters of water/cycle: 3,5

Dimension: 1650 x 805 x 1380mm


Indication: As a second machine to be placed in small spaces. Already includes support structure.

  • Drawers/hour: 72
  • Dishes/hour: 360 units
  • Liters of water/cycle: 1,2

Dimension: 400 x 430 x 650mm

Model CG 14

Indication: As a second exclusive dishwashing machine.

  • Drawers/hour: 180
  • Dishes/hour: 2520 units
  • Liters of water/cycle: 2,4

Dimension: 600 x 600 x 750mm

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