Experts in Microbial Contamination Control

As a trusted partner in pharmaceutical manufacturing, Ecolab Life Sciences provides comprehensive solutions and technical expertise focused on microbial contamination control, all while ensuring safety, compliance and operational efficiency.

Backed by the full resources of a global leader, our programs provide guidance for pharmaceutical manufacturers by incorporating the latest regulatory standards and global trends. With years of industry experience, our technical teams work with you at both a corporate level and site level to help you achieve business goals.

Bioquell Qube

Bioquell Bioburden Reduction Solutions

In labs, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and cleanrooms, Ecolab’s Bioquell has the technology and expertise to help you mitigate the risk of bio-contamination, meet regulatory requirements, and operate more efficiently.

Life Science Experts

Life Science Experts

Ecolab’s Life Sciences experts are passionate about patient safety, customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. We provide manufacturer’s a partnership and confidence through achievable cleaning and disinfection programs.